Best Time to Win at a Casino and 4 Certain Myths

Best Time to Win at a Casino

Many people believe there is a best time to win at a casino. Are you one of them? 

Well, we have heard about this sort of thing with slot machines as many people wait to pounce on one that has not paid out in a meantime, but less frequently discussed is when to visit a casino. OK, let’s explore this topic a bit more and see if there is any science behind this or whether it is simply another superstition that is nothing more than opportunity. 

Is There a Best Time to Win at a Casino?

The truth of this question, there is no best time to win at a casino. Whether you leave with a win or not is determined by your luck or skills and has nothing to do with the time of the day. 

The only time that can affect the outcome of your game is how it influences you personally. If you decide to play blackjack, it is better when you are focused, going to the casino with fewer distractions, like in the morning, may help you win. Or if your brain is brighter at night, that might be the most beneficial time for you to go. 

Why Do Many People Believe Certain Times and Days are Better to Gamble?

There are many reasons for increasing winning possibilities at a certain of the best time to win at a casino or even how to change your luck in gambling. They are often based on personal experiences, superstitions, and customs. However, there is no scientific proof to support that kind of thinking. Then, that begs the question: where does this belief come from? 

One way these ideas arise through confirmation bias. Players often try to find a reason for a loss or win other than the pure luck of themselves. Of course, this bias will lead players to pay more attention to the information that confirms their beliefs. 

For instance, a player sometimes is very concentrated and relaxed. If they hit the jackpot, they will associate that day with a lucky day and are less likely to keep in mind the times they lost. This also doesn’t mean the casino will rig their games to pay more that day. This just means that their timing worked out for other causes. 

Another factor why people believe some days are better to gamble than others is because of the marketing of the casino. Commonly, casinos often promote that some days or times are better for gambling using promos, winning odds, and other marketing attractions.

This is because of the idea that more people will gamble if they believe they have a better possibility of winning. 

The Myths about the Best Times to Go to the Casino

You have probably heard some myths about the best time to win at a casino, however, we will reveal to you the rumors. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misunderstandings regarding this topic. 

1. Casino Gives the Payouts Higher on Weekends

Years, and years ago, a misunderstanding was spread about the best time to win at a casino, the casino would give the payout higher on the weekend. It is linked back to a marketing strategy, as some know that the casinos might want to attract players to come and play on the weekends, especially when the visitors had so many other entertainment options. 

With this way, if the casinos could turn up the dials, so to speak, they could draw more visitors at times, like the weekend if they wanted to. 

2. Win at the Casino on Mondays is Easier

Another common misunderstanding about best time to win at a casino, they would make winning more easier on Mondays, making players more tempted to stay after the weekend. 

In other words, casinos get players to come on the weekends as that is when they are free. And still, Mondays are quiet as players will return to their day-to-day lives, so they want to retain the visitors. The myth was that casinos would make slot machines easier to win on Mondays to keep people playing.

3. Best Time to Hit a Jackpot is at Night

Another myth of the best time to win at a casino, slot games are totally random. There is no telling when they will get a massive payout. So, why do people believe this myth in their mind?

The casinos commonly are busier at night, so new players are spinning the reels. There might be an increase in jackpots won, however, it is simply a cause and effect of more action on the machines. Your chances of hitting a jackpot won’t actually change. 

4. A Certain Minute or Hour Impact Your Possibility of Winning

Some believe the best time to win at a casino, there is the day that impacts your possibility of winning. However, some also believe that the hour and minute come into play. 

The reality is that every game needs certain odds and chances that don’t change depending on what minute, hour, and even day you are there. The casinos don’t tweak slot machines odds to be more generous with the jackpots on specific dates and times. 

Considering the number of slot games on the casino floor, even if they wanted to, it would just need a lot more work. On top of that, the casinos must work with their regulators and gaming commissions.

Moreover, the regulators would slap them with a big fine if there were any notion that they were changing the payouts. This is against the terms of their license of course. 

Going to the Casino during Weekdays✔️ You can avoid big crowds by going on a weekday, especially in the morning
✔️ Less people also mean more spots at the tables and the slot machines
✔️ Less distraction if you need to focus on a game of skill like blackjack
❌ You can’t be very social unless you go with a big group of friends
❌ Fewer people to play against in the table games
❌ It may be harder to get time off as many people have to work during the weekdays
Going to the Casino on Weekends✔️ Games like craps will more fun with a crowd
✔️ You will have a better chance to catch some live events
✔️ You will have more competition at table games with more people around
❌ The casino will be noisy and loud
❌ You may need to wait for a seat at your games of choice
❌ In can be difficult to focus on games that need a skill


In the end, the best time to win at a casino is up to you! You are no more likely to win on a Monday than on a Friday. Therefore, choose a time that suits your schedule and needs. A weekday might be more your speed if you like a relaxed moment. If you want to experience the crowd of a casino, take your trip on the weekend. 


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