Top 10 Bike Trails In The World

If wanderlust and trail biking are two of your favorite things, then it is time to pack your tent, hop on a saddle and enjoy one, or all, of these top 10 bike trails in the world.

. Lofoten Islands, Norway

From fishermen villages to typical Norwegian shipyards, the landscape of the Lofoten Island is dazzling with beauty. The best trail to cycle on is the Vestfjord route, that crosses the islands and allows you to enjoy the breeze of fresh, salty air.

Enjoy the silence of your two wheels and the relative loneliness while riding along the uncontaminated coastline, spotted with rustic villages and long wooden boards on which the fish is dried. To enjoy the north Scandinavia to a great extent, plan your trip during the midnight sun period, in the summer months.

Trail difficulty: easy.

2. El Camino Della Muerte, Bolivia

If riding along one of the most dangerous trails in the world sounds appealing, then Bolivia will certainly surprise you. Gravity Bolivia created a safe trail called the Death Road bike tour, and we can guarantee that the experience is amazing.

The trail passes through the top of La Cumbre and overlooks the Amazon rainforest. You?ll pass behind waterfalls, at only a few inches away from a pit, you?ll have to jump over trucks and challenged to surpass dangerous stretches of road. The best time to visit is between April and November.

Trail difficulty: moderate, but only recommended to the most fearless!

3. Whistler Mountain, Canada

Whistler Mountain rises up to about 7000 feet and on the top, there are dozens of possible trails you can take. You can enjoy spectacular downhill rides, and while descending you can even take a break to admire the mesmerizing view over Lost Lake and Whistler Valley.

The Lost Lake trails are the best place to start an easier itinerary that will take you to the lively pedestrian center of Whistler village. The best months to visit are between May and October, but? beware of bears!

Trail difficulty: easy to difficult.

4. Rim Trail Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon doesn?t need any presentations, this is an area that will always offer you a unique perspective of the same territory. The canyon changes colors according to the time of the day and it jumps from shimmering pink nuances during dawn to yellow and orange throughout the day.

The Rim Trail is a 13 miles path that offers some scenic views of the canyon, and the only thing to pay attention here is the moody weather. To admire a panoramic sunset, make sure to arrive at Hopi Point on time. The trail is open all year long.

Trail difficulty: easy.

5. La Carretera Austral, Chile

If you want to admire a truly scenic landscape and a simply spectacular itinerary, the Carretera Austral starting from Puerto Montt in Chile will certainly amaze you. The trail is rugged and sprinkled with holes, so make sure you have the best tires on.

Wander across the Natural Reserve of Lake Carrara, where the Andes seem to be immersed in the crystal waters of the lake that run along the border with Argentine. Visit the Marble Caves and don?t miss a trip to O?Higgins glacier. The best time to visit this place is in summer, during January and March.?

Trail difficulty: moderate to difficult.

6. Pamir Road, Afghanistan/ China/ Kyrgyzstan/ Tajikistan/

Along the Pamir Mountains, crossing four countries, lays the adventurous Pamir road, a route originally used by merchants and today a favorite trail among the bike lovers.

While riding in the shadow of the ?roof of the world?, the local nickname of Pamir Mountains, you will fill invincible. The journey starts in Dusnabe, the capital of Tajikistan and follows the course of the river Panj that flows along Afghanistan until it ends in the city of Osh. From here, this apparently endless street continues, revealing natural landscapes of an unimaginable beauty. If this trail attracts you, plan the journey between May and October.

Trail difficulty: difficult.

7. Camino de Santiago, Spain

In the past, pilgrims had to walk during pilgrimages. Today, they can ride. It doesn?t even matter if you believe in pilgrimages or not, Camino de Santiago in Spain will steal your heart. The best bike trail to follow is Camino Franc?s that starts from Pamplona and ends at Santiago de Compostela.

Apart from a trail, this is a spiritual route, so leave your worries at home, or ditch them in front of the famous monument of the pilgrims on the hill of the forgiveness. Then, discover the surrounding olive groves and vineyards, the farms and forests, before delighting yourself with some delicious Galician meals. To enjoy this trail to the fullest, choose to go between May and June.

Trail difficulty: moderate.

8. Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand

New Zealand?s South Island depicts golden landscapes sprinkled with countless shades of purple or red, depending on the season. In this idyllic landscape, the Otago Central Rail trail, a former artery of a gold mine, is now a splendid cycling trail that crosses viaducts and galleries while overlooking gorges and rivers.

A must of this journey is to order a drink at Chatto Creek Tavern, rest on a hammock and sand a postcard from the smallest post office in New Zealand. Get back on the saddle and ride on with your heart overflowing of Southern hospitality. For the best experience, plan your trip between November and March.

Trail difficulty: easy.

9. Rajasthan, India

Let the charm of northern India seduce you while discovering the secrets of Rajasthan. Create your bicycle route from Jodhpur to Udaipur including on your trip visits to gorgeous palaces or rustic villages.

India is certainly a land of wonders, and here you will be able to plan a visit to the mighty Mehrangarh Fort that dominates the mesmerizing blue streets of Jodhpur, admire the intricate details engraved on the Ranakpur Temple?s walls, and get stunned by the luxury of the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur. To enjoy this experience to the fullest, visit between October and March.

Trail difficulty: moderate to difficult.

10. Colorado Trail, USA

From Canyon Waterton to Durango, the trail path descends then it rises uphill again through a lush natural landscape. There are many natural wonders to see along Colorado trail, including the Elk Creek lake that will impress you with their intense green and the large population of beavers, and the dizzying Vestal Peak. Restore your energy in the picturesque town of Leadville or relax in the thermal springs of Chalk Creek.

Please note that 6 natural areas in the Rocky Mountains are closed to bicycle access, so take a map and trace the route before starting the journey. The best time to ride along this path is between July and August.


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