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  • UK Gambling Commission: Transparency and Services

    UK Gambling Commission: Transparency and Services

    The UK Gambling Commission or known as UKGC is the official regulator of all types gambling activities in the United Kingdom. Begun in 2005, they run under the Gambling Act 2005 with the main purposes to ensure that the gambling is fair, safe, and crime-free.  They prioritize protecting people from any casino frauds. That is…

  • Getting to know Christine Donato

    Christine Donato (nee Miserandino) is the founder of the e-magazine and message boards at and the author of “The Spoon Theory”. A hugely popular advocate for people with all kinds of invisible illness, she is loved the world over for her positive attitude and big heart. Here we take the chance to get to know a bit…

  • The Spoon Theory




    Many people with a lot of different invisible illnesses, not just Fibro,struggle to explain to the people around them just how difficult a normal day can be. This was the problem faced by Christine Miserandino (now Christine Donato) when a close college friend asked her what it was really like to live with Lupus, when sitting in…

  • the Origins of Opera and the Future of Programming

    created by: Jessica Kerr doc. At the end of this post is an audacious idea about the present and future of software development. In the middle are points about mental models: how important and how difficult they are. But first, a story of the origins of Opera. Part 1: Examples The Camerata The Florentine Camerata…

  • Top 10 Bike Trails In The World

    If wanderlust and trail biking are two of your favorite things, then it is time to pack your tent, hop on a saddle and enjoy one, or all, of these top 10 bike trails in the world. . Lofoten Islands, Norway From fishermen villages to typical Norwegian shipyards, the landscape of the Lofoten Island is…

  • 20 Awesome Road Biking Routes In The World




    So, you love road biking! You are dreaming about spending hours in the saddle while riding along picturesque routes and exploring famous or almost unknown places. But have you ever wondered what are the most beautiful routes in the world? We did, and came up with this list of 20 awesome road biking routes. Discover…