How Often Does the Dealer Bust in Blackjack?

How Often Does the Dealer Bust in Blackjack

As a player, you must be curious how often does the dealer bust in blackjack. Well, it is one of the most popular casino games at both online and land-based casinos. Figuring out how often the dealer will bust a player’s card will make the game even more interesting and bigger. 

Then, this article will introduce you to the detailed explanation about how often the card will be busted in blackjack.

How Often Does the Dealer Bust in Blackjack Actually?

Blackjack Dealer Bust Meaning
Blackjack Dealer Bust Meaning

If you have been playing for years, no doubt you are wondering how often does the dealer bust in blackjack. Every time you hit on a 14, 15 or 16, you will bust.

Meanwhile, every time the dealer starts with a 5 or 6, there will be a low card face down to turn it into a good starting hand, or a plenty of low cards appear, turning an apparently weak hand into a table-killing 21. 

Well, there is a little perception bias going on in that we see only 1 dealer card at the beginning of a hand. We know that when you begin with 15 or 16. it will be tough to make a pat hand, however, when the dealer begins with 5 or 6,  you don’t see the face down card, and you read it as a hand that should bust more often than it certainly does. 

Bust in Blackjack

Moreover, the dealer will make a 17 or better 58% of the time when beginning with 6 and 57% of the time with 5. As for overall rate on how often does the dealer bust in blackjack, in a standard 6-deck game, the dealer will bust 29% of the time he stands on all 17s, and just under 30% if he hits soft 17. The basic strategy players bust about 16% of the time. 

It is because players hit fewer hands than the dealer does. When you have 16 and the dealer has 6 face up, you can decide to stand. When the dealer has 16, he needs to hit, no matter what the players have. It can seem like you bust more often as every time you bust, you will lose. 

That is where the house edge comes from in blackjack, and players risk best before the dealer hand is the player. The conclude of how often does the dealer bust in blackjack, player’s don’t bust more than the dealers, as it will hurt more. 

The Odds of a Dealer Busting

As you already know how often does the dealer bust in blackjack, you must be also wondering the odds of a dealer busting. At the beginning of a hand, before any cards are dealt, the chance of a dealer going bust is as follows:

  • 28.2% when the dealer stands on soft 17
  • 28.6% when the dealer hits soft 17

The dealer is somewhat more likely to go bust if they are needed to hit soft 17, even though overall the house will gain a slight edge from this rule. However, we can reasonably think that whatever blackjack table rules are in place, the dealer will bust, a little more than 1 in every 4 hands on average.

The Payout if the Dealer Busts

When the dealer busts in the game, all players who are still in the hand will win their wager. As you know how often does the dealer bust in blackjack, the payout will be similar to it will be when the players win their hand any other way.

It will not increase or decrease because of the method in which the hand has been won. Therefore, the returns will be as follows:

  • Winning hands will pay even money or 1/1
  • Split or doubled hands will win at even money when they had not gone bust
  • Blackjack will pay 6/4 or 6/5
  • Blackjack insurance will not pay out as the dealer doesn’t have blackjack
  • Other side bets will be treated based on their individual rules

The Buster Blackjack Side Bet

There is also a side bet that can be created on specific tables called the Buster Blackjack side bet. To get a clear idea about how often does the dealer bust in blackjack, Buster Blackjack is not commonly available either in online and mobile blackjack, or in land-based casinos, however, you might come across it on specific tables. 

It can be a helpful option for you as a player, especially in a multi-deck game where the count is known high. For instance, there are a big proportion of high-value cards left in the deck. To make the side bet, you can simply follow these easy steps. When the dealer’s total exceeds 21, then you will win. 

Buster Blackjack’s Payout

The payout on how often does the dealer bust in blackjack is depending on how many cards it took for the dealer to go bust. However, when the dealer doesn’t exceed 21, then you will lose the side bet. Generally, the payouts for Buster Blackjack are:

  • 3 – 4 cards – will pay 2/1
  • 5 cards – will pay 4/1
  • 6 cards – will pay 15/1
  • 7 cards – will pay 50/1
  • 8+ cards – will pay 250/1

The high payout on how often does the dealer bust in blackjack may make this seem like an attractive side bet. However, remember that when the dealer does go bust, they will far more likely to do so in 3 or 4 cards, that offers the lowest payout. 

Whilst it is clearly possible for a dealer to go bus in 8 or more cards, the probability of this happening is around 0.0012%. Moreover, the house edge on Buster Blackjack is over 6%, no matter what the table rules are in place, then it should be considered a fun bet and not one that you expect to get more of a return from over the long term.


The conclusion of how often does the dealer bust in blackjack, the dealer will bust 29% of the time with the note if he stands on all 17s, or even under 30% when he hits soft 17. 

You also have learned the Buster Blackjack that can be made on certain tables. Now, you can be a player who has great knowledge to beat the dealer. Also learn how to win at blackjack with $100 dollars with easy ways after this. 


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