How to Get An AI To Do Your Work For You

How to Get An AI To Do Your Work

When modern sales professionals in finance and insurance hear that they will work with new software or an AI-first approach, their minds may go through the typical stages of grief: 

  1. Denial about needing to make a change to the way they do business
  2. Anger that there may be some learning involved
  3. Bargaining over what has to be learned
  4. Depression about the assumed heavy-lift
  5. And finally, once they get started, acceptance that it was all worth it.

This year, why not skip directly to the acceptance stage, and go one step further by seeking out an AI system to source your clients for you before your competitors beat you to the punch? 

Why should you trust AI to up your sales?

Currently, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the business world translates to your software having the ability to learn how to improve an outcome. What’s actually happening, according to a recent (and somewhat comforting) Forbes article, is that “an AI […] can be made up of a set of algorithms that have the capacity to change and rewrite themselves in response to the data input, hence displaying ‘intelligence.’” 

This means that AI in the workplace can adjust the inputs of their work to better perform tasks for you by processing large amounts of data, and these tools can make suggestions to you that will make your life easier.  

Current industry leaders are already on board. About 80 percent of business executives believe AI will be critical to their company’s success over the next two years, according to Deloitte’s State of AI report.This will also be the year that AI becomes popular for smaller companies and individuals.

In fact, AI tools are already helping many pioneering businesses. Financial advisor Benjamin McKain decided to sign up for the Socialeads AI platform, a tool that uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to understand the meaning and context of social media posts to tell its users the ideal moment to reach out to quality contacts.

“I’ve been able to increase my at-bats in the marketplace,” he said. “I had a tremendous meeting with

Fine, I Need AI. But How Will It Help Me As A Finance or Insurance Professional?

According to a study by research analysts at, AI applications will be at the forefront of enterprise strategies in 2022, and we will experience the expansion of AI impacting every business process. Additionally, the study found that the largest increase of AI use for work over the next year will most likely occur in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and… you guessed it, finance!

For those in business, imagine having an AI tool as your best assistant (or in some cases, assistant to your assistant), who is able to locate every potential client, fully research them and tell you to contact them at the moment they actually need your product.

Imagine this: no more disappointing conversations and mismatched connections with your clients, because Socialeads tracks all the significant life events of your ideal clients (a few examples would be when a prospect gets married, starts a new job, or opens a new business). It will tell you when it’s time to get in touch with the prospect, in addition to a load of information about the person and any common connections, so that you have a complete idea of how to approach your prospect before you ever get in touch.

In addition to the fact that a good AI will match you with the best prospects, it may not take any time off. Socialeads’ AI never stops bubbling up leads, so once you set up your account and set your specifications, you can set it and forget it. 

  • What is your AI doing while you are at the grocery store? Finding your ideal prospects.
  • What is your AI doing while you play golf? Finding your ideal prospects.
  • What is your AI doing while you are sleeping? Finding you even MORE ideal prospects. 
  • What is your AI doing while… you get the picture. And if you want, you can set your Socialeads AI to ping you with those hot new leads as soon as they become available.

Socialeads does this by identifying strong prospects in your ideal candidate pool with high opportunity signals or life events. Once captured, the identity resolution software creates a robust digital footprint for your leads, empowering the user with all they need to engage meaningfully with the data and create new clients. 

Okay, I Think I Would Like To Try This. Where Do I Start? 

Of course, not every AI is created equal, so it’s up to you to do some research. Socialeads is different from other AI platforms due to four important factors that clearly set it apart. 

Factor #1: What the Socialeads AI monitors to provide you with your leads

Many social-listening AI platforms on the market scrape public domains of information to unlock their users a “phone book” of sorts. Those platforms provide only email addresses and info for a predetermined segment of people, at which point you are left to cold-blast emailing and awkward automated LinkedIn DMs (translation low response and closing rates).

Socialeads’ AI reads information shared on Twitter (where people are thousands of times more likely to share personal life events than on other platforms) and combines that information with LinkedIn information. This helps you in two ways: Twitter information allows the AI to keep you updated at the moment of the important life event in order to get in contact at the moment your services are needed, while both platforms combined give you access to the largest base of multi-generational leads. We’re talking access from Gen Z all the way to the Silent Generation. 

Factor #2: What makes the Socialeads AI platform unique

Socialeads goes above and beyond its competitors in a couple of ways. When you subscribe to Socialeads, you are not buying a set list of names like with other platforms. You are buying access to our AI, which never stops searching, sorting, and sending you new prospects day and night. Additionally, Socialeads walks you through setup and use and offers perks like 24/7 customer support and educational assets on what to do once you have contacted your lead for the best possible outcomes. 

Factor #3: Who’s behind Socialeads’ AI

At the end of the day, there is still a company making decisions behind the scenes, so it is important to know and trust the decision-makers before choosing a platform. Socialeads was founded by two seasoned experts, Larry Hitchcock and Matthew Salzer. Hitchcock is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years in California working across startups, enterprises, and venture capital. Salzer is an experienced solutions architect who has developed and managed software solutions for web, mobile, cloud, and enterprise. 

Together, they created Socialeads, which was recognized with Northwestern Mutual’s Reverse Pitch winner award right off the bat and is fully compliant for the financial and insurance industries. Today, Socialeads boasts many respected enterprise customers including Northwestern Mutual, AllState, Edward Jones, and New York Life.

Factor #4: Socialeads has the best return on investment

While some platforms are known for getting the job done, they require you to shell out way more money than you planned for. Others are considerably less expensive, but only give you a static list for what you pay as opposed to a growing, evolving list over time. 

Research a few and see which best suits your needs. Here at Socialeads, we’re proud that we have the most human AI-referral engine, which uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to understand the meaning and context of social media posts. 

Our platform observes your network and tracks the activities, personality, sentiment, emotionality, and behaviors that reveal top prospects and referrers, helping advisors identify the right person to contact at the right time for the right product. 


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