13 Tips How to Play Keno: Step by Step for Beginner

How to Play Keno

Even though you are a beginner, you can learn how to play keno in just a few minutes with our guide. This is one of the most popular casino games in the world, which also comes with the biggest payouts. To become a master, you need to read this article as we have compiled a complete guide for you!!

How to Play Keno: Step by Step for Beginner

If you want to play without risking too much money, keno is the perfect casino game for you! Playing this game is similar to the lottery. To start the game, you need to choose the numbers on a ticket, and you get paid if a combination of your numbers is chosen. 

Because of the simple strategy, this game is generally offered in numerous places like casinos, bars, even online gambling sites. Well, below are some tips on how to play keno that you can learn as a beginner.

💡Things You Should Know in Keno:

  • To start the game, fill out a keno card by placing a bet on numbers that you think will be randomly chosen. Try to predict as many out of 10 as possible.
  • Buy “way” keno cards when you want to gamble on groups of numbers as well as individual spots. When you match multiple numbers in your group, you will get more money. 
  • To increase the jackpot, you can bet on the extra bonus numbers. The bonus numbers cost extra money to bet, however, offer a higher payout percentage if chosen. 
  • Join keno games with many people. The payout for every game depends on the number of players.

Learning the Basics

The first step on how to play keno is learning the basics. Of course, this is the most important to become a master. You can’t beat the game if you don’t know how it works. Therefore, you need to master the basics in keno first. 

1. Buy a Keno Card

On how to play keno, fill out a card with the various numbers you want to place your bets on. Cards are universally found at specified keno lounges in casinos.

If you are playing at the best e-wallet Casino Malaysia, a keno card will automatically be shown on your screen after you log into the game. Moreover, the numbers on the card (1 – 80) match the numbers on the ball in the aerated keno machine. 

2. Choose Your Keno Numbers and Mark Them on Keno Card

Once you have gotten a keno card, start by writing down or filling out the numbers you wish to bet on. Your keno card is set with 8 rows and 10 columns of keno spots. That card will specify how many numbers you are enabled to choose. 

3. Choose the Betting Amount and How Many Games You Want to Play

Other tips on how to play keno, every card in this game offers you the option to play multiple games with the same numbers. Moreover, you can multiply your betting amount to increase the winning total if your spots are chosen.

For instance, you can bet MYR 20 instead of MYR 10 to get double the payout, MYR 30 to get triple, and so on. Make your decisions and show your choices on keno cards. 

4. Hand Your Keno Card to the Keno Worker

Once you have chosen the numbers on how to play keno, hand your keno card to an official who will factor your selected spots into the next game. Moreover, an electronic copy of your card will be issued back to you, so you can follow along when the numbers are announced. 

Make sure to double-check your decisions to make sure that everything is right before handing your card over to keno worker. If you choose “quick pick”, then your electronic copy will show you what numbers that computer will randomly choose for you. 

5. Wait for the Keno Machine to Show the Results

The next step on how to play keno, keep your eyes on the electronic keno boards throughout your venue to see the results of your keno games. In addition, the number of the game you are playing will occur somewhere on your ticket and on the screen (commonly in the bottom corner). 

Once you have found a board displaying the results of your game, match the numbers on the ticket to the numbers on the screen. If you have a match, then you will be the winner!

6. Show Your Winnings

The last step of the basics on how to play keno, if you have a winning number, call a keno worker over to get the payout. You can also bring your ticket to any keno retailer in your area. After that, submit an electronic keno card to verify your matches and collect the payout.

Betting on Combinations

After finishing with the basics on how to play keno, now you can move into the betting combinations. We will take a harder step, so make sure you read it carefully. This will help you to increase the winning after that!

7. Use a Way Ticket to Bet on the Combinations as Well as Individuals Numbers

You can ask a keno worker for a special “way” ticket. It will allow you to bet on the various number sequences. For instance, you may choose 6 numbers. Circle these 6 numbers in 2 groups of 3. On the side of the ticket, mark 2/3 and 1/6. This means you want to get the higher payouts if all the numbers in your group are picked. 

8. Bet on the Overlapping Number Combinations as Well as Separate Sets

On how to play keno, you can use the same numbers in the multiple combinations to increase your likelihood of matching. For instance, let’s say you have a group of 2, a group of 3, and a group of 4. 

You can combine these groups together by making a group of 5 (3 and 2), a group of 6 (2 and 4), a group of 7 (3 and 4), and a group of 9 (all the numbers). For MYR 1 per group, this will cost MYR 7 with 7 chance payout structures. 

9. Add a “King” to Your Number Combinations 

If a number is circles all by its lonesome on how to play keno, well it is “king“. You can use individual, disparate numbers you bet on (kings) into other number combinations. To identify that a number is king, you can simply label it on your card and draw an arrow to the group of numbers you want to add it to. 

Keno Variations

After some important tips on how to play keno you already figured out, we have one more part about the variations. Let’s take a look deeper at the explanation that will help you more understand how the game will work for you. 

10. Make an Extra Bet on the Bonus for a Higher Payout

Many casinos have some bonus types for all keno games. To bet on a bus, you can pick a specific extra number and bet on that bonus number. The extra cost can be different from MYR 1 to double your bet. If this number is picked, then you will win big!

11. Play Keno Online or in Video Form

The next way on how to play keno, some casinos offer keno via touch screens instead of face-to-face, and some games can be played online. While the payout for online casino games tends to be higher, the gameplay is much faster.

Meanwhile, video keno enables you to play at your own pace, however, the payouts are less impressive. You can decide what games are the best for you!

12. Keep the Progressive Jackpot when Betting

Many casinos offer a progressive jackpot. In this game, if no one hits it big, then the payout keeps increasing and increasing until someone matches. Many progressive jackpots have reached well over 100% of the betting value!

The best strategy to succeed at keno is to join a game after the progressive jackpot has already been raised a few times. With this way, you can get a much higher value for your bet. 

13. Try the Packaged Keno when Buying Tickets

Lastly on how to play keno, you can try to play “packaged keno” to bet on more games at a lower price (mostly around MYR 0.25 to MYR 0.50). Packaged keno games enable you to play your keno cards whenever you want, as long as you give your ticket to a keno retailer beforehand. 

And now, you already know how to play keno. Not only casinos, but you can also play this game at bars and online gambling casinos. Keno is similar to the lottery game, but you need to figure out every basic from variations to increase the winning. Are you ready to participate in the keno game?


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