3 Secrets on How to Win Dragon Tiger Game with Example

How to Win Dragon Tiger Game

Learning how to win Dragon Tiger game is a great way before you place a bet. It is one of the best online card games that can be played on a table. Players will place their bet on either Dragon or Tiger. They will win the round if the higher leading card appears on that particular option. 

As you are here, it means you have tried playing Dragon Tiger but failed, or you are just a beginner who wants to learn everything about this game. Don’t worry, this article will cover everything you need to know about the Dragon Tiger game. Let’s get on with it!

Understanding Dragon Tiger

Before knowing how to win Dragon Tiger game, let’s start from the basic understanding first. This is a real money online game that is the same as baccarat. Gamblers might know this game as a mini version of live baccarat, and are included on their major gaming list. 

The symbol of the game is illustrated by the dragon and tiger that shows the traditional vibes. See our points of a live Dragon Tiger below:

Based on Luck

At the end of the day, this is a game with a 50:50 chance, despite what some people claim to know about how to win Dragon Tiger game cheats. There are some good tricks and tips that will increase your game. 

Not Rigged

When you are playing at the best e-wallet Casino Malaysia, the online Dragon Tiger is not rigged. Yes, you will have a clear point of the dealer and every move he will make. 

Safe to Play

You should decide on only licensed online casinos to practice how to win Dragon Tiger game safely. The software that these online casinos use will keep all your personal information secure. In addition, there are various encryption systems in the game and the payment system that will ensure your identity is not leaked. 

How to Win Dragon Tiger Game with Basic Rules

You have probably enjoyed the Dragon Tiger game once in your lifetime. It is the first card game most people play in the Asian continent thanks to its very simple rules. While playing with your friends without money can be interesting, nothing will beat  playing the game with real bets. 

The basic rules of the game remain similar from land-based casinos to online ones. Like how there is a dealer who will deal you the cards in land-based casinos, and there is a live dealer to do the similar through online version. 

On how to win Dragon Tiger game, you need to complete the view of the dealer’s every move if you are playing online. The view offers an unusual aspect that will guarantee an interesting betting experience. As we mentioned above, the rules of the game are very straightforward:

  • Every round, the dealer will draw two cards
  • Player have to bet which card will get the highest point (Dragon or Tiger)
  • When the player feels that Dragon may win, he will place the bet on the Dragon square
  • When the player thinks that Tiger may win,  he will place the bet on the Tiger side

Example of Dragon Tiger Game

Every round on how to win Dragon Tiger game will start with the dealer drawing two cards from the deck. Before the dealer shows the card, you need to place your bets. Then, you can decide two main options:

  • Place bet on the Dragon Side
  • Place bet on the Tiger Side

After you place the bet, the dealer shows the card. Here are the results:

Example 1

You placed your bet on the Dragon Side

  • When the card on the Dragon has a higher value, you will win the game
  • When the card on the Tiger has a higher value, you lose your bet

Example 2

You placed your bet on the Tiger Side

  • When the card on the Dragon has a higher value, you will lose your bet
  • When the card on the Tiger Side has a higher value, you will win the game

Moreover, you can also bet on a tie. However, betting on a tie is discouraged by the expert players as there is very little chance of the tie actually happening on Dragon Tiger game. 

Tips and Tricks for Dragon Tiger

Well, there are no proven tips or even cheats that can help you on how to win Dragon Tiger game. However, still, there are some strategies that you can use in this casino game, such as:

1. Stick to the Simple Bets

When playing Dragon Tiger, it is great to stick to the simple bets. Avoid cheats as they are illegal to use. Intease, you can focus on figuring out the game’s rules and placing simple bets without cheating. 

2. Don’t Try Tie Bets

Dragon Tiger provides a tie bet option, however, it is commonly better to steer clear of it. The tie bets have a higher house edge and smaller winning chance. It is better to focus on Dragon or Tiger bets that have a simpler and more favorable payout structure.

3. Use Suit Based Tactic

The last tips and tricks on how to win Dragon Tiger game, some players use suit-based tactics. relating certain suits with specific results. However, it is crucial to understand that these tactics are based on superstition and have no real basis. The game’s outcome is random, and depending on suit-based tactics will not give you an advantage. 

Betting System Doesn’t Work

No betting system or strategy can guarantee consistent success on how to win Dragon Tiger game. Be aware of anyone claiming to have a guaranteed winning strategy, they are likely trying to trick you. 

Moreover, the game’s result is determined by chance, and no system can work to predict or change it. Approach the game with your realistic expectations and enjoy it as an entertainment. 

Do and Don'ts in Dragon Tiger
Do and Don’ts in Dragon Tiger


In the end, learning how to win Dragon Tiger game is easy. If you have played any other casino games, you might get used to Dragon Tiger in no time. Well, we have come to the end of this article. We hope this can help you to figure out how Dragon Tiger works for you. 


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