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Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia

As a player who wants to visit a casino, you must be wondering is online gambling legal in Malaysia or illegal. As we already know, the popularity of online gambling increased day by day in this country. Makes it offering to every player to access effortlessly in their home. 

However, the legalization of online gambling is different for every country, with the jurisdiction having its own regulations and license. In Malaysia, the legality of online gambling still a topic of confusion and debate. Therefore, we will guide you to an article to figure out whether it is legal or illegal in this country. So, make sure you read carefully. 

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia (for Locals and Tourists)? 

When someone asks, is online gambling legal in Malaysia, it is actually a gray confusion. Why, because it has a complex legal status. Most citizens in Malaysia are Moslem, and of course Islam is the official religion in this country. It means, gambling is generally considered as illegal under the Islamic Law. 

Under the Betting Act in 1953, every gambling activity is completely illegal to operate or involve in any form of betting (unless for some licensed type of gambling). It involves lotteries, horse racing that are regulated by legal institutions. 

Unfortunately, the Betting Act 1953 doesn’t specifically mention online gambling. It means, there is no clear permit or prohibit online gambling in Malaysia. However, the government was considering allowing some changes in online gambling forms to attract players who are Non-Moslem. 

They considered doing this as they were losing a lot of money in taxes to the illegal gambling sites, according to Zahidi on In addition, the authorities measures to limit online gambling activities, involving blocking access to casino websites and strict penalties on those who are involved in such activities. 

Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Malaysia is also required to block access to casino websites. Moreover, the authorities carry out periodic crackdowns on illegal online gambling operations and will take legal action against those who are involved. 

What If You Really Want to Try Online Gambling, Still be Allowed?

After you figure out is online gambling legal in Malaysia, are you still interested in finding an online casino? If you are, then you must be careful from the beginning. We advise you that online gambling might seem just for fun and entertaining only. 

But if you once try it, then you will get lots of consequences, with the note if you gamble with no responsibility. If you already know how to limit yourself from online gambling, here are some tips to gamble safe and wise:

1. Positive Reviews

As you know the truth about is online gambling legal in Malaysia, you need to care about every review of your chosen online casino. Positive feedback from players is the most important aspect of a good casino. We suggest you choose an online gambling website that has the highest ratings among players. 

However, you should not depend on player reviews. The fact is that some websites may buy positive reviews. Therefore, it is worthwhile to read reviews on the same casino on different resources. You can go to some casino review sites such as, AskGambler, and Reddit. 

2. License and Security

Even though you know the fact is online gambling legal in Malaysia, but still want to be involved, you need to take a look at the license and security of online casinos. At legal, online casino license, fair game algorithms and payout procedures are strictly implemented. Thus, you can play confidently knowing that prizes will always be paid. 

All the legitimate real money online gambling should prominently show license details on their homepage or “About Us’ page. These licenses are commonly issued by gaming commissions and authorities in respected jurisdictions like Malta, PAGCOR, UK Gambling Commission, and more. 

3. Customer Support

Even though you already know is online gambling legal in Malaysia, we suggest you review Customer Support before signing up with an online casino. Before you take part, check how responsive they are. If an online gambling offers live chat, there is probably nothing to be concerned about. 

You should get a response fairly quickly. Moreover, email response time will most likely be slightly longer. Some best e-wallet casino Malaysia also offer a free phone line for members all around the world. You can choose which way of communication is the most effective for you. 

4. The Variety of Games

The variety of games should be important as you know the truth is online gambling legal in Malaysia. Highly trusted online casinos offer players only the best slot games from leading gambling softwares, such as Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Microgaming, Spadegaming, PG Soft, and so on. 

If an online casino only has a few dozen unknown softwares, it is a great idea to avoid visiting it. You need to pay attention to their providers. In addition, the great majority of casinos don’t develop their games, but rather buy and rent them from other operators. 

Live casino games are more or less universal, with only small differences in appearance or the value of some side bets. Some providers specialize in classic fruit machines. Others might be innovative and prove unique gameplay and more features. Well, here are some casino games that most trusted online casinos should offer:

  • Slot games
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Lottery
  • Fishing games

5. Deposit and Withdrawal Options

As you figure out is online gambling legal in Malaysia, and you have no big problem with it, you need to be sure with the deposit and withdrawal options in an online casino.

Every trusted online casino should offer a variety of available transactions. When picking an online casino, you need to pay attention to which payment options are on offer. You can examine the conditions for using every one:

  • Minimum and maximum deposit withdrawal amounts
  • Processing times
  • Supported currencies
  • Processing amounts

Many online gambling will support bank transfers or credit cards as MasterCard and VISA. However, many also support crypto payment as well. That is why, knowing is online gambling legal in Malaysia is very important.

Final Words

The conclusion is online gambling legal in Malaysia, it is completely illegal under the Betting Act 1953. However, you can still be involved in online gambling by choosing the most reputable online casino. Make sure you follow our tips above how to choose it, to avoid you from casino scam and fraud. 


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