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Online Casino License in Asia

Online Casino License in Asia – Have you ever heard about the online casino license? For a fun fact, Macau was once the biggest Asian gambling in industry, however, the market has experienced a massive boom in certain years. 

The regulations, laws, and rules for online gambling differ throughout the continent based on the country or territory. That is why, an online casino needs to comply to be licensed.

And for today, we are going to introduce you to some gaming licenses for online casinos in Asia. This will help you to pick the best gaming platform to play

Online Casino License Meaning: What Is It Actually

Before we mention some of the best online casino license in Asia, better we open this article by explaining the meaning of it first. As we know, gambling regulations are made throughout the continent. 

Some countries have stricter laws about the gambling laws, but some do not. Several countries where any type of gambling still allow their people to a gambe at online casino websites. This is very helpful for players who are interested in playing casino games without visiting the building of the casino itself. 

Moreover, licensing is the first thing you need to look at. An online gambling web is legal to operate if they can follow the standard of a gambling license. Gaming license means a legal document that is given by the third-party authorities after an online casino meets the strict requirements. Some of those requirements are:

Fair Games with RNG System

Of course, it is very common for some players to worry about fairness in an online casino. Forget about it, as there are many trusted online casinos that use the RNG (Random Number Generator) system. This is a system to generate a random outcome of every game. Therefore, casino games like slot machines are really hard (even impossible) to predict. 

Secure Gambling Website

Do you think an online casino getting a license is very easy, at least they have money? The answer is no! 

To get licensed, an online casino has to prove if they are actively working to guarantee player protection and keep any personal information and payment data safe. In addition, this also includes strict protection for players’ funds. Therefore, they usually provide the payment methods, such as banks which have the latest SSL encryption technology. 

Responsible Gambling

Wait… Have you ever read about responsible gambling that provided by an online casino? Or you have a case that found a casino which did not include responsible gambling information in their site. 

Yes, it is because they are not really interested in warning you about placing a bet irresponsibly. Therefore, a gaming license makes a regulation for responsible gambling for all online casinos in Asia.

Anti-Scam and Anti-Fraud

By following the regulation from the authorities, an online casino will ensure their safety and safety. A strict verification process should be in use for online casinos to get a license. It is for testing whether the platform is trusted or not. 

Reputable Online Casino License in Asia Continent

After knowing what an online casino license is, you must be very curious about some of them that are popular in the Asian industry. To help you with that, we will introduce you to the some of casino online licenses below:

1. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)


Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or known as PAGCOR is a government-owned and controlled company that operates and regulates games of chance in Asia, especially in the Philippines. They started their operation in 1977 by President Ferdinand Marcos and reorganized in 1986 by President Corazon Aquino.

Vision and Mission

You must be super shocked if you know that a vision of PAGCOR in 2028 a few years soon, they shall be a leading gaming authority in the Asia-Pacific region, that is proactive, innovative, and socially responsible. 

To achieve their mission, PAGCOR creates an environment that will encourage the development of the gaming and entertainment industry. In addition, they also have a responsible and responsive partner of the Philippine government in the nation-building programs. They also enforce a regulatory framework to preserve the integrity of the gaming industry. 


To be the best gambling authority in Asia continent, there are some regulatories that is run by PAGCOR such as:

  • Anti-Money Laundering/CFT
  • Electronic Gaming
  • Offshore Gaming
  • Regulatory Site
  • Responsible Gaming
  • Gaming Employment License
  • Poker

2. Gaming Curacao

gaming curacao license
gaming curacao license

From Philippine, now we jump into the Caribbean, which is the island that is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Gaming Curacao is one the oldest and most trusted jurisdictions for online gaming, providing hosting, licenses, and other services to eGaming operators. 

Since 1998, they have been authorized by the government of Curacao. In addition, they also have an association called COGA, that represents the interests of the online gambling industry in Curacao. 

License Features

As we have understood, an online casino license is very important to make sure if it is trusted and safe. Therefore, gambling sites that can be found on the internet should get a license. Like Gaming Curacao, they have some features in their license, such as:

  • For online casinos
  • For online sports betting
  • For online poker
  • Approved in several countries
  • Gives players more confidence to play
  • Increase the revenue


Wait, do you think Gaming Curacao only exists for giving licenses to online casinos? The answer is no, because they are also do other services, such as:

  • Hosting Service 
  • Fiduciary Service
  • Gaming Licensing

3. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Malta Gaming Authority - MGA

Malta Gaming Authority or known as MGA is an online casino license based in Malta. They regulate most forms of gambling in the same territory (land-based and online casino) and other countries (for online casinos). They work to ensure the transparency, fairness, and responsible gaming for players from any preventing casino scam and fraud. 

Vision and Mission

As one of the single online casino licenses for the governance of all gaming activities in Malta, they are considered by many preferred global online casino regulators. Therefore they have visions and missions such as:


For the vision, they raise the hope to raise the standards within the gaming industry globally to make gaming safer and fairer, to protect the interests of players. In addition, they will also make sure to keep free from crime by intensifying international collaboration efforts. 


To achieve the vision, they competently regulate the various industries of the gaming market that fall under the authority by ensuring gaming is transparent and fair, preventing crime, and protecting minor issues.

4. First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation (FCLRC)

First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation - FCLRC

Another online casino license is First Cagayan. They are a master licensor based in Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (CSEZFP) in the Philippines. They will give a license to the online casinos to operate legally in other countries. Yes we know, you might rarely hear their name in the gaming platforms. 

5. UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

UK Gambling Commission - UKGC

Another reputable online casino license is UK Gambling Commission. It is the official regulator of any type of gambling in the United Kingdom. They work to give licenses to the gambling operators, enforce the rules of fair and responsible gambling, to protect all players from the online casino fraud or scam. 


Some of the gambling activities that are overseen by UKGC are bingo, arcades, casinos, betting, gaming machines, gambling software, and lotteries. There are also some casinos in Asia which are licensed by this authority. 

The Licensing Objectives

To become one of the most reputable online casino licenses in Asia, UKGC ensures gambling is conducted in a fair and open way. They also will protect children and other people from being harmed or exploited by any type of gambling.

6. Gibraltar Gaming Commission (GGC)

Gibraltar Gaming Commission - GGC

The last online casino license is the Gibraltar Gaming Commission. It is the regulatory body that oversees the licensing and operation of online gambling services in Gibraltar. In addition, the commission is responsible for ensuring the licensees comply with the Gambling Act 2005, and the codes of practice issued by the Licensing Authority. 

How to Know A Fake Casino License

As we know to operate legitimately, an online casino needs to have an official online casino license by the authorized regulatory body. This license has to be veriable and the number showed openly on a casino’s website. 

Usually, you can find this information in an online casino’s footer and you just look out for words like licensed and regulated followed by the licensing authority’s name. And the problem now is, how to know a fake license by yourself? 

Verify the Information Listed

The important thing to know about a potential fake casino license is to verify that there is licensing information listed. As we mentioned before, a license of an online casino mostly displays at the footer. You can scroll until the bottom of your chosen online casino site to see what’s the gaming license they get. 

Check the Grammatical Errors

Yes, you need to check the typos and grammatical errors on the gambling site. This frequently happens when some operate illegally as they don’t have professional teams. Therefore, you need to be more critical when choosing an online casino. 

Why You Should Never Gamble in an Unlicensed Online Casino?

Fortunately, it is not easy for unlicensed and less trusted online casino sites to operate as there is a strict regulation. However, you must be wondering why players never should gamble in a casino site which doesn’t have an online casino license. Here are the actual reasons of it:

Fake Bonuses and Scams

An unlicensed casino will never respond to anyone and has no obligation to be truthful with the special features and offerings. They usually write anything on their landing page to convince you to join. In addition, there is also no regulation there to make sure they will be strict with their promises, and end up becoming an expensive experience for players. 

Rigged Casino Games

In addition, online casino licenses are important to be noticed as they also regulate all casino games. It means all online casinos should provide games which are operated by the RNG (Random Number Generator) system. This can guarantee you fair and transparent winnings.  

Final Words

In conclusion, an online casino license is the most important thing to be noticed when first choosing an online casino. This will guarantee you with a fair and transparent winnings then you can feel the best experience in gambling. Now, you can check your favorite online casino, are they licensed or you should run away from it. 


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