Parlay Roulette Strategy (How It Works with Pros and Cons)

Parlay Roulette Strategy

The Parlay roulette strategy can tip the scales and trigger Lady Luck off her high horse, once and for all. We can understand the insatiable thirst to beat the house edge and walk away a winner. In this article, we will delve into the Parlay betting system, a potential game-charger for players at any level. 

With our personal and team insights, we are here to unlock the mechanics, offer step-by-step tips, and weigh the pros and cons. So, make sure you keep reading. 

What is the Parlay Roulette Strategy in Betting?

Parlay in Roulette Meaning
Parlay in Roulette Meaning

Parlay is a popular roulette betting system around the world. Many players love this progressive betting strategy as they can use their winnings instead of their funds to make bets. For players who prefer to play without taking significant risks, this betting method is a straightforward tactic that is similar to riding a wave in roulette. 

In Parlay roulette strategy, you can start with a bet, If you win, you don’t cash out. You will take your first bet and your winnings on how to win at roulette, and throw it all back in for the next spin. This is usually called “Let it Ride”. The idea behind it was to ride that winning streak and keep doubling your bet with every win. 

Yes, there is always a but. If you lose a round, you have to go back to your first bet. It is like a reset button. Therefore, it is a bit of a gamble. If you are on fire, you will be making bank, however, if luck turns its back on you, you can lose more than you bargained for. 

How Does Parlay Betting Work in Roulette

For the past 250 years, roulette has been a mainstay in casinos. Since that time, we have been cooking up ways to beat the house. Therefore, the Parlay roulette strategy is celebrated for its simplicity and appeal. You can use this strategy to increase winning streaks by letting their profits rise. 

Moreover, the mechanics of this betting strategy are simple. When a bet wins, it is rolled into the next round. If it loses, the player will return to their first bet. Yes, this approachable method will help the Parlay roulette strategy gain traction with players who are looking for a simple yet potentially profitable strategy when playing roulette. 

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Steps to Parlay Strategy Success in Roulette

You can imagine this: You are on a winning streak, the bankroll is looking sufficient. But wait… Set a winning target! Once you hit that goal, keep those winnings, reset the bet, and start the Parlay roulette strategy fun all over again. Well, you can increase more winnings by figuring out some steps below. 

1. Basic Betting Unit and Winning Target

Start by deciding your basic betting unit. For example, you bet $10 and set winning target $300. This limit will give you a hard stopping point to collect your winnings and avoid draining your bankroll. 

2. First Bet

In Parlay roulette strategy, you can start with flat even-money bets, like betting $10 on Black.  We always recommend an outside beast for the best odds. 

3. Doubling after a Win

If you win, you can double your stake for the next bet. For example, when your $10 bet on Black succeeds, your next will be $20 on Black. 

4. Returning after a Loss

When you lose a round in Parlay roulette strategy, return to the first betting unit. Your $20 bet on loses, your next bet will go back to $10. 

5. Play until You Hit the Winning Target

The next step that you can follow is to continue doubling after winnings until you reach your set limit of $300.

6. Locking in Winnings

Once you hit the win limit, you can collect your winnings. If luck turns and a losing streak, you can go back to your first betting unit. 

7. Discipline and Decision-Making

The last step in Parlay strategy, you can try discipline in sticking to the plan. Even if the Parlay is not foolproof, it gives a strategy to increase winnings without taking excessive risks. 

Is the Parlay Betting System Legal in Casino?

Of course, the Parlay roulette strategy is legal as it is just a betting system after all. Every new bet is independent of any other. When you bet on red 10x straight, it is legal to do so. Besides, Parlay betting is not a sure-fire way to win. 

In fact, you can just as easily lose, as you will win when using it. You will not receive an edge over the online casino, and you will not cheat anyway. At the end of the day, the best e-wallet Casino Malaysia sites make money from roulette. 

The house edge is stacked in their favor. Therefore, the casino will always make money in the long-term. The online casinos are fine with the Parlay roulette strategy because it won’t give players an advantage. 

Pros and Cons

Well, like all betting systems, Parlay comes with pros and cons. There is no one size fits all, so we suggest you weigh up these pros and cons before determining if it is right for you:


  • Safe and easy to learn for roulette
  • Profits winning streaks
  • Flexible betting for inside and outside bets
  • Uses winnings to make bets
  • Great for short-term winnings


  • The risk of losing streaks
  • Needs discipline for success
  • Based on luck
  • Potential for losing calculated winnings


If you like experimenting with the betting systems, the Parlay roulette strategy is a great one to test out. Just keep in mind that no strategy can guarantee you always enjoy a winning session at the roulette tables. You still must have some good luck to walk away a winner from any session.


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