7 Pot Limit Omaha Strategy with TOP Starting Hands

Pot Limit Omaha Strategy

By understanding Pot Limit Omaha strategy, you can increase the chances of winning in the game. It is an interesting poker variation that is growing in popularity. PLO is different from Texas Hold’em poker and harder to master.

However, those who take the time to learn good strategy will stand a better chance of winning. Keep reading this article to increase your odds in the game!

Basic Pot Limit Omaha Strategy for New Players

As with any game, there are a number of possible successful ways to PLO. However, if you are new to this types of poker, there are some Pot Limit Omaha strategy that you should know to increase the winning. 

1. Play Strong Starting Hands that Can Flop Multiple Good Combinations

PLO hands advantage greatly by the capacity to hit multiple types of flop in poker. While high pairs have value as in No Limit Holdem, high pairs that share suitedness with the other cards in your hand will even be better. 

Middle to high will run of the 4 cards that can make straights in multiple combinations, and even better. Below, it is a chart that offers a good starting ground in evaluating good hands. These are top 30 starting hands (all double suited):

1. A – A – K – K11. K – Q – J – 1021. Q – Q – A – K
2. A – A – J – 1012. K – K – 10 – 1022. Q – Q – A – J
3. A – A – Q – Q13. K – K – A – Q23. Q – Q – A – 10
4. A – A – J – J14. K – K – A – J24. Q – Q – K – J
5. A – A – 10 – 1015. K – K – A – 1025. Q – Q – K – 10
6. A – A – 9 – 916. K – K – Q – J26. Q – Q – J – 10
7. A – A – x – x17. K – K – Q – 1027. Q – Q – J – 9
8. J – 10 – 9 – 818. K – K – J – 1028. Q – Q – 9 – 9
9. K – K – Q – Q19. Q – Q – J – J29. J – J – 10 – 10
10. K – K – J – J20. Q – Q – 10 – 1030. J – J – 10 – 9

Some players who start playing PLO look at their 4 cards and see any possibilities, no matter how weak the holding. Don’t become the “any four cards” in Pot Limit Omaha strategy.

2. Draw to the Nuts

Because most Pot Limit Omaha strategy are multiway and possible combinations multiplicative, the hands that win in this poker variation are commonly very strong. Very few single pairs will take down pots or sets, nut flushes, and nut straights are generally the winning hands. 

Therefore, if you are going to play a draw, make sure that draw is to the nuts. No jack-high flushes or even smaller ends of straights. If you make your hand, you can let that created hand be the nuts. 

3. Play in Position

No Limit Holdem players will assume it is of Holdem too. However, in the draw-happy world of Pot Limit Omaha strategy, it is especially true. Being out of position, whether with a created hand or a speculative one, is extremely tricky. 

Even a strong hand can be very risky out of position. The ability to watch betting unfold before the action will allow you to help your hand’s potential compared with the likely made hands or likely draws which others might be betting. 

4. Fold to Big Bets

The GTO masters might wince at this, however, there is much less bluffing in Pot Limit Omaha strategy than No Limit Holdem. If you feel your two pairs are possibly beat when you get raised, you will likely be right. If a player is playing like they have a strong hand, they certainly do. Perhaps, there is a greater room for bluffing. However, in PLO, players are very rarely “feigning strength”. 

5. Aces Don’t Hold Much Value

Unlike Texas Holdem poker, having an Ace for your hand doesn’t always assume the poker in Pot Limit Omaha strategy. Other reasons, including connectivity and suits, play an extra considerable role in making hand value. 

6. Avoid Limping

The big blind or just calling limping is generally discouraged in PLO strategy. It will let other players see cheap floors, doubtlessly decreasing your chance with the strong hands. 

7. Not Getting Much out of Pot

In Pot Limit Omaha strategy, if you find yourself investing many chips right into a pot with a marginal hand, you can reevaluate your method to play. Keep in mind to avoid committing excessive chips when your hand has limited potential. 

What Hands Should You Raise with in Pot Limit Omaha? 

After you know what is Pot Limit Omaha, a good pre-flop strategy is to raise with any of the top Hands mentioned in our guide. Keep in mind, all of which hold at least one suit and most that don’t. Even though this is not really enough and you will need to raise with more hands. 

You can add any 4 cards in a row that are double suited with cards, six, or even higher, and all single and double-suited A – K – x – x with at least one x-card, 10 or higher. The hands like Q – J – 9 – 8 or J – T – 9 – 7 (double suited) are also great to raise with.

Is Bluffing a Good in PLO Strategy?

Of course, bluffing can be an effective Pot Limit Omaha strategy, however, it should be used sparingly and with attention. Because of the standard of the game, in which players have 4-hole cards, someone is much more likely to have a good hand. 

Bluffing in this poker variation needs deep information on your opponents, board texture, and hand dynamics. You can try to bluff in case your opponents possibly have inferior hands or missed draws. Always be prepared for resistance and to modify your method if your bluff is referred to as. 

Final Words

In the end, learning Pot Limit Omaha strategy is important to become a master in this exciting poker variation. The information of the unique dynamics and using effective strategies can improve your winnings.

You can practice those strategies at home by playing PLO in the best e-wallet Casino Malaysia. It will take time to learn all strategies but you will get what you deserve. 


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