What Does Bet Behind Mean in Blackjack (Tailing a Player)

What Does Bet Behind Mean in Blackjack

We got a serious question from the reader in Creatuforo, they are asking about what does bet behind mean in blackjack. As we already know, blackjack is a very simple game that is easy to learn and even the least experienced players can pick it up and play.

The main objective of this casino game is also simple: players need to get closer to 21 points than the dealer without going bust. What can make this game complicated for beginners is when a set of side bets and options are thrown into the equation.

Of course, this can be overwhelming to them. Therefore, in this article, we will go through the explanation of behind bet in blackjack. If you are a new gambler, it is very important to figure out this term before heading to your favorite casino. 

Understanding What Does Bet Behind Mean in Blackjack

Bet Behind in Blackjack Meaning
Bet Behind in Blackjack Meaning

In short, what does bet behind mean in blackjack, it allows you to “tail” another player at the table. Once a player has placed their bets on the table, then you can put them behind theirs. In addition, your bets will be riding on their bet. Then, the dealer will deal two cards, even though only the leading player can make the decisions. 

To help you understand about what does bet behind mean in blackjack, let’s imagine a case in which you have gone to your favorite casino, the only one nearby, and you go to the blackjack table. The space is limited and there is only enough room on the table for 5 players, and the dealer and there will be 5 people sitting with cards in front of them. 

There is no room for you, however, you still want to play some blackjack. Therefore, you can make a choice to take up the casino on its offer of the chance to “behind bet”. In land-based casinos, this way of playing is commonly referred to as “back betting”. 

It goes without saying that casinos like the betting behind concept. Moreover, it will allow them to potentially make twice as much money in obviously the same amount of time that they will normally only make with one player. 

How to Bet Behind in Blackjack (Land-Based Casinos or Online Casinos)

After knowing what does bet behind mean in blackjack, so now you want to try to tail a player at the table? Let’s go into some ways on how to bet behind in blackjack. Once you head to a land-based casino, you can check with the floor to see if they offer blackjack behind bet. 

They might or might not be fine with allowing the bet behind option. You will need to check and see. These are some steps you can follow if you are playing blackjack online or offline.

1. Bet Behind Steps in Land-Based Casinos

These are the steps you need to do of what does bet behind mean in blackjack:

  • You can check with the dealer or management that players are allowed to bet behind
  • Next, you need to find a seated player to bet behind at the blackjack table
  • Place your bets behind the seated player’s bets on the left
  • Your bet will be chosen or whether the seated player wins, loses, or even pushes

To make clear about what does bet behind mean in blackjack, no one knows that it is even available at the tables in casinos. We could say that the majority of players also don’t know that many land-based casinos offer this option bet. When you play blackjack online, it is clearer if a bet behind is offered or not.

2. Bet Behind Steps in Online Casinos

Move to online casinos, here are some steps you need to do:

  • You have to find a live dealer blackjack table that has seats occupied
  • There will be a button on the user interface and a bet behind space on the felt if your preferred online casino allows bets behind
  • The next thing you have to do is simply select and click the bet behind option and make your bet behind the player
  • Figure out that you will not be allowed to make your own decisions. You can always win or lose with the player you are behind

From what does bet behind mean in blackjack, it is crucial to remember that when you want to make your own decisions, this is not the best idea to play. It is the biggest negative to playing the bet behind in blackjack. However, there are some cases where your input can be considered.

When You Should Bet Behind in Blackjack

After knowing what does bet behind mean in blackjack, you must also be wondering when is the right time to choose this bet option. If you are doing it blindly, you might lose your bet with the player you decide to tie. Well, here are some perfect moments to bet behind in blackjack. 

When the Tables are Full

Have you ever logged into your online casino account only to find that there are no seats at your limit? This can also be a problem at land-based casinos in busy hours or weekends. What does bet behind mean in blackjack will be the best option that can come in handy in this situation.

If you decide to bet behind a stranger at a land-based casino, just know that they will be fine with it. However, if you are playing at the best e-wallet Casino Malaysia, getting permission from a player is not required. 

Otherwise, you can just wait for a table to open up. Remember to not play the bet behind option if you are not comfortable with someone else making decisions for you.

When You Believed There is a Talented Player

To know the right time of what does bet behind mean in blackjack, you should analyze that a player is talented before tailing him or her. Or, perhaps you have a friend that knows how to win at blackjack with $100 dollars

Moreover, having some action in the game without the stress of making decisions may be interesting to you, too. Remember just don’t blame the player at the table if they lose the game. You should remember nothing will always guarantee a win regardless of skill level.

When Having More Action at the Table

From what does bet behind mean in blackjack, this option can be played by seated players at the table, as well. In other words, you will have a seat at the table, however, you are interested in betting behind others in the similar game. 

Playing with another talented player or two at the table can be more profitable when you bet behind them. Moreover, you can even double or triple up in one blackjack session at the table. 


The conclusion of what does bet behind mean in blackjack, it is a betting option for tailing a talented player, when there is no room for you to place a bet. Before you decide to behind bet a player in the blackjack table, always remember that there is no guarantee for your winning. You can’t blame a player if he loses the game. 


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