What is a Push in Blackjack and How It Works



What is a Push in Blackjack

Are you wondering what is a push in blackjack? Well, in the dynamic world of blackjack, a term of “push” comes into play when both the dealer and the player find themselves in a tie. This intriguing outcome will occur when the total value of the player’s hand matches that of the dealer’s hand. 

In the spirit of fairness, a push results in the player’s bet being returned, neither winning nor losing, and offering a chance for the next exhilarating round. In this article, we will go through the term push in blackjack for you. 

What is a Push in Blackjack Actually?

Push in Blackjack

For those of you who don’t know about what is a push in blackjack, it occurs when a player doubles down with no hitting or splitting. It means doubling their bet and wishing they will hit a blackjack card. Some players are unaware of just how much they stand to gain from a push. 

The average house edge on a single-deck of blackjack game is 2.5%. It means a $10 first bet would result in a $ 25 winning after 2 hands. Moreover, to be lucky, a push also has its downsides.

Players can sometimes get stuck playing very long hands and beat other players who have already folded. In addition, some best e-wallet Casino Malaysia forbid pushes as they believe the game will become unfair. 

How Does a Push Work in Blackjack?

After figuring out what is a push in blackjack and you still don’t get the idea of it, let’s see how it will work for you. 

1. When Double Bet

When you double your bet at the beginning round, you importantly make another betting round with all the same rules as the first one. For example, a player might raise bets by boosting their bets by 10% of their total bet or risk by lowering it by half. 

All the cards will remain face-up throughout the entire session, however, every additional round will increase the number of decks used. Players will be allowed to boost their bets until either they hit blackjack or run out of money. When this occurs, they must choose between standing or folding. There is no option to split or surrender in this case. 

2. When Dealer Hits Blackjack

To know more what is a push in blackjack, when the dealer hits blackjack, they will get 17 points. If they don’t, players will automatically win unless they bust, in which case they lose their total bet. Once both players have placed their final bets, the dealer will reveal their hand and if they have less than 21, they will immediately payout the winning. 

They payout the losing bet and add the difference to the pot. Since there are multiple rounds on what is a push in blackjack, the dealer will be dealt new cards every time. They can’t draw more than 1 card per round. 

3. Hit Blackjack Before Next Round Begins

If neither the dealer nor the player hit blackjack before the next round starts, the player will continue drawing until they reach 11. Then, they must choose whether to stand or fold. If they choose to fold, they will lose their bet and the dealer will take over the action. At this point, there is only one hand left, so the dealer will be responsible for choosing what to do with it. 

The dealer has a choice between ending the hand or even continuing to play. If they end the hand, they will collect the total pot minus by deductions, while the payout is based on the size of the first bet. In most cases, the dealer will give back the first bet along with a small benefit. 

4. When the Dealer Decides to Continue the Hand

On what is a push in blackjack, when the dealer continues the hand, the payout will change slightly. If the dealer draws another blackjack, they will win the full amount of the pot. A non-blackjack payout will depend on the order in which the dealer completes the hands, the highest rank hand gets the lowest payout and vice versa. 

For instance, player 1 is supposed to bet $20 and dealer 5 draws 4 Aces followed by 3 Kings, the highest ranking hand. Well, the player 1 will lose $1 since he got the low end of the payout schedule, however, the dealer will get $8 in compensation for completing the hand. 

When Does a Push Happen in Blackjack?

After knowing what is a push in blackjack, you must be also wondering when it will happen in the game. A push most commonly happens when both the player and the dealer have the same total value of their hands. 

For instance, if the player’s hand has the entire value of 17, and the dealer’s hand also totals 17, it will lead to a push. In addition, certain blackjack variants might have specific rules that result in a push in unique cases. For example, if the dealer and the player both have a blackjack, it will lead to a push unless the game has certain rules for resolving this case. 

The Implication of a Push

As you know what is a push in blackjack, experiencing this case may not result in a financial loss for the player. However, it does offer valuable insights into the dynamics of the game. It is an opportunity to reevaluate your blackjack strategy and make adjustments for the subsequent rounds. 

While this term means that the players don’t win on that certain hand, it also signifies that they don’t lose their first bet. It is an outcome that demonstrates the equilibrium between the player and the dealer, emphasizing the fairness of the blackjack game. Now, you got idea what is a push in blackjack.

Final Words

As we mentioned earlier about what is a push in blackjack, it seems like an effective strategy. However, it is not always the best secret to play. The main problem is that players tend to sit down after getting a specific level of bankroll. 

In addition, they are reluctant to fold even when they know they will lose, and they commonly make bad decisions about how much to bet in the game. It is best to use the push when you have big enough cash to comfortably withstand a few losses. Otherwise, you may find yourself having trouble getting into the game. 


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