What is Martingale in Roulette with Pros and Cons

What is Martingale in Roulette

Alright… We know that you are curious about what is martingale in roulette, as it is a popular betting strategy that will tell you how much to bet on casino games. It may firstly seem challenging, however, this approach is obviously very simple. 

It also can be highly effective when you have a big bankroll. However, you must find the right best e-wallet Casino Malaysia and the perfect games to make it work. Don’t worry, this article will break down the Martingale betting system, explain the pros and cons of using it. 

Understanding What is Martingale in Roulette

Martingale System Meaning
Martingale System Meaning

To figure out what is martingale in roulette (also known as the Martingale Strategy), is a risk-seeking way of investing. The primary idea behind this term is that statistically, you can’t lose all of the time, even when they are declining in value, in anticipation of a future increase. 

The Martingale system depends on the theory of mean reversion. WIthout a generous supply of money to gain positive results, you have to endure missed trades that can lose an entire account. 

It is also crucial to remember that the amount risked on the trade is far higher than the potential gain. With these disadvantages, you can increase your odds of winning by making improvements to the Martingale system. 

Furthermore, what is martingale in roulette is usually compared to betting in a casino with the hopes of breaking even. If a bettor who uses this method experiences a loss, they will immediately double the size of the next bet. By repeatedly doubling the bet if they lose, the bettor will eventually even out with a win. 

In this case, the bettor has an unlimited bankroll to place bets with, or at the very least, enough cash to cover the winnings. When that is not the case, just a few successive losses under this system can lead to losing everything you came with. 

How Does the Martingale Strategy Work?

As you already know what is martingale in roulette, you can start by setting aside a bankroll. Select a percentage of that bankroll, which will work as your base unit.

It is important to begin with a relatively low percentage when using the Martingale strategy. For instance, when you have $1,000 bankroll, then you can set your base unit at 1%, which is $10. 

Moreover, your first bet will be for 1 unit. If you win, you can bet 1 unit again. Continue betting 1 unit you eventually lose. When you lose, increase your bet to 2 units. However, if you lose again, increase it to 4 units. Continue doubling your stake until you eventually win. If you win, start the process again by betting 1 unit.

Odds of Winning and Losing Streaks

Yes, all you know from what is martingale in roulette is linked to win and lose streaks. Therefore, it is worth looking at the math behind roulette to see how likely you are to run into catastrophic losing streaks, and also what the financial consequences will be. 

For instance, let’s assume a streak of 10 reds on the trot. The winning odds of any even money bet in European roulette are 18 in 37 or 48.64%. On the other hand, the losing odds and even money bet are 19 in 37 or 51.35%. You can multiply those by the power of 10, and we get the odds of that result happening 10x in a row. 

OddsPercentageProfit/Loss ($1 unit) 
10 Consecutive Wins1 in 1,3460.074%$10
10 Consecutive Losses1 in 7840.127%-$1,023

As zero from what is martingale in roulette, is also a loss when betting on red, you are almost twice as likely to hit a 10-spin losing streak as to hit 10 wins in a row, and the difference in winning or loss is striking. 

When you try this system 1.500x (even though admittedly that will take you a while, need a lot of cash, you will suffer 10 losses in a row around twice on average. Then, you enjoy 10 winnings in a row just once. In addition, your reds in a row will net you just $10.

Tips to Make Martingale System Better

In purest form of what is martingale in roulette, is ideal for handling extremely brief variations, but it is wholly inappropriate for extended periods of time. Well, we can make this betting system just as enjoyable, however, slightly less catastrophic! 

1. Decide a Godal and Stick to It

Remember, don’t be greedy! Therefore, you need to think of a medium profit target and leave once you have achieved it. 

2. Make a Limit for Your Losses

Alright, from what is martingale in roulette, is against the rules to stop if the next bet is just too big. However, better to stop at an affordable number (e.g. the 32-unit bet after a 5th loss) than lose your bankroll or even hit the table max. 

3. Play Longer Odds Bets 

You can test the Martingale strategy by placing a column or dozen bet, and if you lose, you can increase the amount you bet by a third or even a quarter. 

Pros and Cons of Martingale in Roulette

You have learned what is martingale in roulette, so you know why it is become so popular with players who think they have discovered how to win. In addition, you also know why it is doomed to fail. However, here is a quick rundown of the Pros and Cons of the world’s popular roulette system. 

Pros and Cons Martingale System
Pros and Cons Martingale System


So, what is martingale in roulette, it is an approach to increase the chance of recovering from the losing streaks that can be used in investing or even gambling. Moreover, it includes doubling up on losing bets and lowering winning bets by half.

The system assumes that a single bet can’t lose every time. If you continue increasing the same bet, you will eventually earn back your money plus a profit. After knowing the Pros and Cons of this betting strategy and you still want to give it a spin, you can use a free play roulette online casino game.


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