What is the Turn in Poker and 3 Strategies

What is the Turn in Poker

After knowing flop meaning in the previous article, you must be also wondering what is the turn in poker. As you know, in flop-based poker games, such as Omaha and Texas Hold’em, every hand is splitted into 4 stages. All players can bet at the beginning of the game immediately after getting their hand. 

That is followed by 3 or more rounds of betting: the flop, turn, and also river in poker. The similar structure is always used, whether you are playing in poker tournaments or real money games. 

To maximize your poker playing skills, you must figure out that every round has its own strategy elements. This article has everything you need about turn in poker! So, read carefully to improve your chances of winnings. 

What is the Turn in Poker Actually?

Turn in Poker Definition
Turn in Poker Definition

To answer the question about what is the turn in poker, it is important the third round of play in a poker hand. It is where the dealer shows the 4th community card, called the “turn card” or “third street” in poker glossary

After betting ends following the flop, another card is taken from the deck and placed face-up on the table. This turn card is a pretty significant one, it is where players will eventually understand the strength of their hand. 

It is unclear where the name of this betting street comes from. However, many poker players think that it may be because it is where a hand can really “turn”. For example, a player hits their draw, swinging the balance of power in their favor and away from their opponent. 

Moreover, the turn is the last poker betting round, so it requires a lot of careful consideration. You have to play like a poker master and plan ahead if you want to create the most out of your hand. It is easy figuring out what is the turn in poker, isn’t it?

Other Poker Streets

To give you a detailed idea about what is the turn in poker, the full list of betting rounds in a poker game will run as follows: preflop, flop, turn, and river. The preflop round is where the action starts, taking place before the community cards are shown. 

After that first betting round, the dealer will lay out the first 3 community cards on the table, and the board starts to take shape. This is called a flop. Next comes the turn card, which is followed by the final card, known as the river in poker

At this time, players know their final hand. Smart players will have a good idea of what their opponents may have in their range, too. The careless players may only focus on how to play during the flop or river, however, the turn is equally crucial for you to build your strategy. We bet you have gotten the idea of what is the turn in poker. 

The Turn Poker Strategy in Most Situations

After figuring out what is the turn in poker, yes, strategy is crucial here since every decision you make can mean the difference between losing your stack and taking down the pot. Unlike other casino games, such as slot machines and keno, it is you vs other players, and the options you make will affect your chance of success. 

There is no “one size fits all” of the poker strategy. The right choice at any moment will depend on your hand, table position, the betting street, and of course your experience level among other factors. 

Importantly, you need to think about the turn as a continuation of the flop in poker. The biggest difference is that the stakes are higher. You can easily end up committing a big stack of your chips, so it is imperative that you will get your strategy right. Here are some common situations when you play Texas Hold’em poker at best e-wallet Casino Malaysia and how to approach them.

1. When You Have a Strong Hand

To know more about what is the turn in poker when you have a strong hand, you must maximize your chances of winnings. At this time, it is unlikely you have enough information on your opponent’s ranges to obviously know if they have you beaten. 

So, you should generally keep going to bet and make the pot. The exact exception is when you think an opponent has just hit a draw. If your opponent gives the reaction to your bet with a raise, you might need to reassess the strength of their hand. 

Thinking about how they have been playing so far and whether it is possible they may be bluffing. This is slightly more difficult to do when you play online poker, as you will not be able to pick up physical tells. However, it is not impossible. 

2. When You are Bluffing with a Weak Hand

On what is the turn in poker, if you bluff with a continuation bet on the flop and your opponent decides to call, it will put you in a difficult situation. Do you continue with your bluff and fire again on the turn or simply let it go? Well, continuing your bluff might pay off, however, it really depends on your opponent and your table picture. 

In most cases when playing turn in poker, it is best to check and fold to any action. Optimistically, you will get to see the river without committing any more chips to the pot. Nevertheless, you have to be prepared to fold to any aggression from your opponent. 

You may be able to force your opponent to fold with a big bet, however, this is a very risky move. That is what is the turn in poker. 

3. When You Called for a Draw and Missed

In many cases about what is the turn in poker, you may be hoping for a draw that doesn’t happen. When you miss your draw on the turn, your strategy will not change from the previous street. 

You will only have just one card left to hit the draw, and your goal should be to see the river as cheaply as possible. It means checking where possible and folding to any strong bets. 

Well, when facing a bet, don’t try to call unless your implied odds which makes it worthwhile. In most cases, it is always going to be more beneficial to fold in the long term.

Final Words

Now, you already know what is the turn in poker. Yes, the turn can be more complex, as there are many different variables to consider. However, these tips will help you improve your chances of winnings in most situations. 

If you want to start playing online poker for real money, we suggest you pick one of the most trusted online casino sites that is licensed by the most reputable online casino license, such as PAGCOR and MGA. You will be a smart player with a better potential to win!


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